Saturday, May 10, 2008

Where Is Turkey? (A Search And Discover Lesson)


  • Working in small groups of 8, Miss Avery and Mrs Kopecki's classes students will collaborate remotely through videoconferencing technology on a Search and Discover Turkey session. In the process they will:

  • locate Turkey on a map of the world and determine its location in relation to the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Connecticut.

  • identify and locate specific geographical regions and features of Turkey.

CT Social Studies Content Standard:

Geography-to explore the physical and cultural characteristics of places and world regions and how those characteristics affect people.

Lesson Length: One class period


  • 1 Map of Connecticut

  • 1 map of The Middle East

  • 1 Map of The World

  • 1 Search and Discovery Sheet

  • Pencils and Pens

  • Colored Pencils

1) Working in groups of four, (four six graders/four eight graders) the group leader will print ONE copy of the following: (This could be done ahead of time).

2) Your first task is to locate and label the approximate locations of Prospect, CT and Wethersfield, CT on the Connecticut map. Use may use this Connecticut Map to help. Share your locations with each other.

3) Your next task is to color the United States and Turkey on the world map. Share your maps with your partner groups.

4) Next, your groups will use this Interactive Middle East Map or the flip chart Atlas of the World to locate, label and color the following countries onto your map of the Middle East.

  • Turkey

  • Jordan

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Lebanon

  • Israel

  • Iraq

  • Iran

  • Egypt

  • Kuwait

  • Syria

  • Bahrain

  • Qatar

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Oman

  • Yemen
4) Lastly, your group will read Turkish Odyssey and complete the Seach and Discover Sheet about Turkey. Read the "About Turkey" introduction page as well as Geography and Population to help you find the answers to your questions.

Concluding Activity

  • Discussion Question: Compare and contrast the geography of Turkey with the geography of the United States. Share you responses with your videoconferencing partners.

To test your memory of the countries in this region after completing the lesson try the map at:


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, very interesting and informative.

Isabella said...

I liked interacting with the other classes, and helping each other figure out the puzzles and questions. It was fun talking to each other and meeting new people. It was interesting to know that my class was the only one doing this program in the whole town.

Michelle said...

This lesson was very educational. I didn't know where Turkry was and what any of it's sorounding counries were. It was very fun to do with the other school!

Dave said...

what i liked about the lesson was that we all learned where turkey was located on the map and also how we got to talk to other people on the other side of conneticiut i thought that that was pretty cool too and i agree with isabella.

Dave A said...

i liked how we collaborated with other people in another part of connecticut and would love to meet them face to face

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your easy-to-follow format. You may want to add this site as a resource: a fun on-line labeling map:

Anonymous said...

To test your memory of the countries in this region after completing the lesson try the map at:

Patrick said...

I thought it was very interesting to learn were turky is. I always new about were turky was but now I know for sure. It was also very informitive.