Wednesday, May 31, 2000

Connections, Connections!

Recently Mrs. Kopecki and I spent a lovely spring day in Boston. With no real agenda in mind, we let our feet do the walking around this historic city and we ended up making quite a few Turkish connections! First stop was lunch at The Kabab House of Boston on Kilby's street, Liberty Square. There we enjoyed some appetizers from the meze bar and shared a Kofte Kebab, which is a mix of lamb and mixed beef patties with rice and mixed salad. Delicious! Next, we stopped at the Granary Burial ground where we saw the graves of several famous Americans such as Paul Revere and Samual Adams. Then we walked around little Italy and had to stop for an afternoon cappucino, before hiking it to The Museum of Fine Arts (for the after 4pm FREE tour of the permanent collections.) After making our way through the ancient East Asian collections and Egyptian collections we found the Islamic wing and found a display of Iznik Pottery as well as other Koptic Korans and Islamic ceramics. We also were excited to see some contemporary pieces by our Islamic Tile professor from Harvard, Wasmaa Chorbachi! She designed some beautiful pieces. Before leaving the museum we were able to buy some Iznik tiles from the museum store! Too cool! (For I never bought one while actually in Turkey).
After hiking it back to the Boston Commons, with a short dinner stop along the way, we ended our delightful in Boston. Though we came to Boston with no plan in mind for the day, we saw and did quite a bit and made lots of connections with our many previous travels and experiences. Life-It's all about the connections!


martin said...
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful website and lessons. I am a retired art teacher who has traveled extensively in Turkey. Wish I had access to your website while I was still teaching! FYI: vocabulary for the type of symmetry you are presenting is "radial symmetry".